How to link to HertsInternet

If you would like to link to HertsInternet, then you may wish to use some of the following methods. We currently have a Text Link and a Search Box link for you to link to HertsInternet, and shall have some banners and buttons available for use soon!

If you simply wish to link to this website, then the url to use is

Text Link to HertsInternet
The text link is the easiest way of linking to HertsInternet. All you have to do is paste the provided HTML code into your web page. This will make a simple text link to the HertsInternet site.

Example of the link..
HertsInternet – Your guide to Hertfordshire in the UK

Paste this HTML code into your web page..

Search Box Link
Adding the Search Box link to your site means that people can search the HertsInternet resource directory from your site. The form directly searches our database, and presents the search results to the user.

Example of the link..

HertsInternet Resource Search  

Paste this HTML code into your web page..

Graphical/Banner Links
If you would like to use a banner/graphic from HertsInternet, please do not call the graphic directly off of our server, as we might move the graphics to different places on the server, making your link faulty.

Please note: We are unable to pay refferal fees for any visitors which your site generates from the inclusion of our links on your site. This linking scheme is so that you can show your support for HertsInternet. Linking to HertsInternet is entirely optional, and is done so at your own risk. We may ask you to remove the link if your site is found to contain unsuitable content, is misusing the service, or for technical reasons. Unfortunately, we are unable to link back to your site in return for you linking to us. However, if you have a Hertfordshire website, then you can submit your site for possible inclusion in our directory.